Considering a FREE DIY Website For Your Business?
Why you should think twice before opting for a FREE website!

Free Website

It's understandable why we've seen such a huge rise in the amount of small businesses opting for a free, DIY website or perhaps one created by your nephews best friend because "he's a whizz kid on computers".

Why? Because it's better to have an amateur website than nothing at all right? Well, you might be surprised to find the answer is quite often NO - especially if your "website" is damaging your businesses reputation.

You want potential customer to take your business seriously right? With a free website you may find that instead of attracting new customers you are actually driving them away!! Especially if the site is inaccurate or fails to deliver the right message.

The Hidden Costs

Time . . . How much time is it going to take you or a member of staff to create your website?

Lost Customers . . . Are your customers more or less likely to buy from a business with a cheap amateur website?

Consider what you'd think if, upon visiting a website for a business you were looking to buy from had the address http://www.myfreesite4u..... or if it had the words FREE WEBSITE BY .... in the footer/header or side of the site?

Or maybe it contains pop-up adverts or banner advertising throughout the site promoting random and often competing businesses? After all, these "free" services have to make money somehow.

Internet users are becoming more savvy these days and your average browser is able to detect a free or cheap website a mile away and you don't want to lose credibility or potential customers because of the unprofessional feel!


Quite often you are restricted when it comes to design when using a free site, DIY template or even a friend of a friend to design your site. It is YOUR website and you should have ultimate say on how it looks or whether you want to add additional features such as a shopping cart, members area, photo gallery or other interactive features. You don't want to be restricted to selecting one of three colours for your theme plus an additional choice of one or two images for your header!

More Potential Problems

Did you know that some terms of use policies of these free services mean that the website could be taken down at any time if the service provider go out of business or decide to start charging fees which you refuse to pay etc? In addition, there are no uptime guarantees or service agreements in place - because you don't pay for a service, how can you expect to be compensated if your website runs into problems?

Still considering a FREE website?

If you're still thinking of using a free service after reading this page, then I'm not sure there's much I can say to convince you otherwise and I can certainly appreciate your decision if you have no other option. Maybe you're thinking "I'll have a free site to start with then upgrade later"?

My advice would be to save up for a professional website from the start. A website is a fundamental part of business nowadays and it's important that your website reflects your business accurately. I'd even say the expense of a website should be built into your initial business plan if you're starting a new business.

Remember, your customers will be making decisions about your business after viewing your website - what impression are you leaving them with?

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